7 Ways Gardening Helps You To Be More Relaxed


As much as gardening can be a hobby, researchers and scientists prove that it can be more than that. Gardening is also a physical and mental therapy, including other healthy benefits that we get from such practice. Planting beautiful flowers, trees, fruits and vegetables or the cute bonsais does more than just being an economic practice.

Reduces stress

Gardening is one great way to reduce stress. For you to properly handle gardening, you must pay attention to what you are doing and the tools you are using. This helps divert your minds from your present problems hence there are fewer chances that you will languish in stress.

It helps to deal with depression

When one is depressed, they tend to remain indoors. However, gardening forces you to get outdoors and engage in interactive activities. That exposure to the sun is essential in fighting depression disorders such as the bipolar disorders. Also, gardening stimulates your body to produce serotonin which is an anti-depressant hormone.

Improved relationship

The study shows that people who spend much time with plants have better and healthy relationships with others. It stimulates them to care for others and to form shared bonds. Having healthy relationships, in turn, makes you more relaxed knowing that there are people you can count on.

Brain health

Gardening needs you to think, analyze and be creative. The beautiful sights and scent in flourishing gardens create a relaxing environment that helps fight stress. Also, gardening will require you to dig, weed and do other physical activities, which together, with the mental activity help slow down the risk of brain malfunctions, keeps you healthy and relaxed.

You get grounded

Gardeners spend much time touching the soil which then initiates the process of earthing. When you get in contact with the earth for an extended period, the earth acts as the ground which reduces the extra positive charge in the body.

You absorb vitamin D

When in the garden, you are exposed to the sunshine which is a catalyst for vitamin D production in the body. Vitamin D improves blood flow in the body and brain which makes your brain more active and healthy hence reduces stress and brain malfunctions.

Regular breathing

The cooling and calming effect in the garden propels you to breathe slowly and deeply which in turn stimulates the body’s parasympathetic reaction that calms the brain and the body down.

Improves creativity

Gardening is a form of art. When tending to flowers and plants, we connect with them and hence develop new ways of making them look better and beautifying the environment. This creativity helps to divert you wind from stress and instead sharpen it to come up with new and pleasing ideas that increase self-satisfaction and accomplishments.

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