7 Tools That Will Help You With Urban Gardening

urban gardening

Residing in the urban areas or metropolitan regions does not necessarily limit us from practicing urban gardening. The lovers or gardening seize any limited opportunities hey have to create their own gardens. Urban gardens are usually small and compact, but others may be larger if the owner has a lot of space.

Characteristics of urban gardening

Urban gardening majorly involves gardening in a small area. Space is limited. Thus most gardeners practice container gardening, Indoor gardening, community gardening, guerilla gardening and green roofs gardening.

Tools for urban gardening

For the reasons and characteristics above, urban gardening requires more flexible and versatile tools. Such tools include;

Hand trowels

Hand trowels have plastic, metal or wooden handles a curved blade that comes to a point at the end. You can use the trowel to scoop soil and dig small soils in your raised beds, containers or widow boxes. You can use it to dig out weeds and transplant your flowers.

Shovels and spades

You will use the spades’ flat blade to dig up holes and the shovel’s round blade for digging and moving soils, mulch, and fertilizers. Shovels work bes6tas they are multifunctional.


Hoes will help you gig your raised beds, create furrows and rows for planting, dig holes, weed your garden and hill the potatoes.

Hand pruners

A good pair of hand pruners will go a long way if your garden contains trees, roses, shrubs and perennial plants. You will use the pruners to cut of tender stems off your plants and create a beautiful hedge. They come in two types, the anvils and bypass pruners.


Urban gardeners need a tool to carry other tools, plants, compost or seeds. A simple rubber garden tub will help you fix these issues plus; it is durable, flexible and easy to use. Use the chick wicker basket t carry flowers and herbs, metal baskets to harvest vegetable or the plastic pail to carry water and others.


Wheelbarrow is essential to help city gardeners to carry and transport soils, compost, fertilizers and mulch. The one wheeled wheel ba4row is very flexible and fit into close quarters and small spaces, typical in the urban gardens.

Commercial composter

A commercial composter in your garden is advantageous. It is compact, durable and enhances the cleanliness of your environment. You can hide your dirt or compost in a private place and keep out rats and other city critters from walking over your urban garden.

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