5 Smart Uses Of Your Japanese Gardening Knife

Japenese Gardening Knife

The Japanese gardening knife, also called Hori Hori in Japanese, is one of the best gardening tools you can ever have on your farm. To further compliment it, there are no moving parts; it is just a blade and handle that will work wonders with your magical hand techniques.

What you will love most about it

It’s essential simplicity. The Japanese gardening knife does everything explicitly. It has a very sharp blade on both sides and ends with a semi- sharp point at the end.

It’s made of stainless steel thus making it easier to keep it clean and preserved. You can use the Hori Hori in your garden, And with its weapon-like appearance, you van as well use it as a weapon. Simply, it’s a multifaceted tool, versatile and efficient.

Uses of the Japanese gardening knife

Removing stumps and roots

Some roots or stumps may be too big for your shovel. This is where the knife comes in handy. Use the tool to pull dirt away from the offending root or stump until a good size of it is well exposed then you can use your saw or hoe to cut the rot away.

Loosening the soil

When you want to loosen the soil instead of digging the whole place, the Japanese gardening knife will do it. You only have to do some few jabs and wiggles, and the soil will be ready. You can loosen the soil especially in flower gardens, and open up the soil for air and water, perfect for the plant roots.

Harvesting root crops

There is no point of using the digging fork to harvest a handful of root crops like the onions, garlic heads or beets. Be quick and efficient and use the Hori Hori to jab the soil near the plant, wiggle it and lean the blade back, and the root crop will be out of the soil. With Hori Hori, you will use the least energy to do this.


When digging out seedling for transplanting use the Japanese gardening knife. Use it to make the hole where you will be planting the seedling, and then pull out the loose soil by hand or scoop it with the Hori Hori too.

Slicing little weeds

Some woods are too small to use your heavy shovel to remove them.  Just slide the sharp blades over the weeds or just below the soil surface to cut off the roots and stems of the stubborn weeds.

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