5 Gardening Tips You Need To Use This Autumn


Autumn is considered to be the season, when hectic flowering, as well as all reproductive activity that are generally noticed in the garden is over. Furthermore, grass growth starts to slow down and ultimately stop, while leaves on trees begin to change its colors and start falling to the ground. Berries and seed heads are regarded to  appear at their very best during this time of the season and growing seasons is at its end. But this does not mean that the gardener does not have any work to do until spring. As a matter of fact, it is the time, when it becomes essential for the garden to be ‘placed to bed’, leaving it tidy and neat during the winter months.

Some useful gardening tips to follow during the autumn season

  • During the beginning of the autumn season, it becomes essential to have all tender plants to be placed under cover, safeguard them from the initial frost. During this period, the soil is found to be still warm, thus, making it quite ideal for planting conifers and evergreens. Other types of planting can also be performed during this time including spring bedding, like spring bulbs, polyanthus and wallflowers.
  • During mid-autumn, the gardening tips involve tidying the perennials and eliminating dead stems. It is the best time for planting climbers, shrubs and deciduous trees. It is also a wonderful time for laying new lawns if the soil is found not to be extremely wet. There is a need to tie and secure down everything so that nothing blows around and cause unwanted damages to property.
  • Roses, hedging plants and shrubs can be planted ideally during late autumn. During this time, it is likely to be the last of falls. The remaining leaves are to be gathered and added to the compost heap. It is also the time for planting hyacinths and tulips. Shrubs and deciduous trees can be moved at this time, however, after their leaves are all lost. Hardwood cuttings can be taken from roses and shrubs, to be used for producing roots and become new plants.
  • One of the most important gardening tips during autumn season is that it is a wonderful time for examining the lawn for summer wear & tear. Performing work during this time, allow grass to react properly towards treatment before extreme cold sets in. ‘Thatch’ build up is considered to be among the common issues faced with lawns. It is dead moss, debris and old grass stems which may build up between foliage and the grass roots. Thatch, if found in excess may impede fertilizer and water penetration in the lawn, thus causing it to appear uncared for and unhealthy. Thatch is eliminated through scarifying technique, which involves careful, but vigorous raking using spring tine rake.
  • Also, the lawn is to be aerated every 3 – 4 years, which is spiking holds all over the lawn to promote healthy drainage.

Therefore, the gardener needs to be busy during autumn season, to ensure being well rewarded in spring & summer.

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