5 Garden Tools That You Can Use For Pruning

Scissors Garden Tools

Gardeners have a plethora of tool choices on sale on the market. The type of pruning tools they use will depend on the size and types of branches that gardeners want to prune, and the kind of pruning that needs to take place. It is prudent to have many types of pruning tools to fit every pruning occasion and needs.

Types Of Pruning

Types of pruning include dead wooding, crown and canopy thinning, crown canopy lifting, directional or formative pruning, vista pruning, crown reduction and pollarding.

Tools For Pruning

Pruning saws

Pruning Saw

Saws are often used to cut very thick branches. There are two types of saws. The fine-tooth saws cut branches of diameters 21/2 inches or below, while course-tooth tools are perfect for branches thicker than 2 1/2 inches. They come with poles that allow you to reach up to 4m high with them. Some come as an attachment to the standard-size tools are others are purpose-built telescopic handles tools that you can adjust to fit the tree you are trimming. Most o them are made with fiberglass or aluminum and use a rope to sliding collar to work the cutting mechanism.


Loppers Garden Tools

Loppers resemble hand shears, but they have longer handles so that you can use them to reach higher branches. They are also available in anvil and bypass forms, and the handle may vary from lighter and shorter to longer and heavier. They are designed for branches measuring up to one and a quarter inches in diameter, depending on the quality of the loppers.

Hand shears

Hand Shears

These tools resemble scissors both in appearance and sizes. They are designed to trim small and weak branches mostly lesser than the quarter an inch in diameter. They come in both anvil and bypass types and are handy for making small and precise cuts or when making minor pruning. They can be used for flowers and berry cutting.

Clippers/ hedge shears

Hedge Shears

They are big or oversized scissors best for pruning hedges of twigs and branches of up to 5 mm thick. Currently, some power-clippers run on rechargeable batteries, electricity or petrol. However, when using power hedge cutters, you must be very careful with the hedge aligning as a small miscalculation can cause a huge dent on your hedge.


Secateurs Garden Tools

Commonly known as pruning shears, the secateurs come in different sizes and in both bypass and anvil styles. They can cut anything that is below 75 inches in diameter. They are used to prune, or shape plants, deadhead removal and remove damaged foliages.


The above tools have their specific modifications that suit them to different types of running. However, they will need very good maintenance for them to last for extended period of time. It is also good to have sterilizers handy to avoid spreading bush diseases from one plant to another.

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