The Hori Hori Gardening Tool  is perfect for those who love nature and gardening. It is a traditional Japanese gardening tool specially designed to fulfill all the needs that you might have in your garden. It has 2 different types of edges which make it useful for different types of cutting, it’s long enough for digging and it has the perfect shape for weeding activities. With this tool, you can rest assured that you made the right choice for your garden.

Some of the features that Hori Hori has and that you will benefit from in your gardening activity are:

  • Stainless Steel Blade with Serrated and Straight Edges
  • Highly Protective Handguard
  • Full Tang Handle with 3 Metal Pins
  • High Quality Resistant Leather Sheath
  • Inserted Depth Measuring Ruler
  • Leather Sheth for easy transportation, flexibility and protection

As a Special Gift from Vivero Home and as a Thank You for chosing us we will deliver you included in your Hori Hori package, a pair of Premium Quality Bamboo Garden Gloves.

We hope you will enjoy your new gardening tool from Vivero Home and we expect you on our website in the near future with new products and articles.